When patients experience elbow pain or injury, the symptoms are a result of damaged tissue within the joint. Although it sustains a lot of use, the elbow is actually a pretty sensitive joint. Any over extension can damage the tissue in the joint and cause serious pain and discomfort. To speed up recovery and promote healing, any pressure or stress on the elbow needs to be prevented. The damaged tissue needs time to repair itself and strengthen again.

One of the ways that we help you deal with your pain and recover from your injury or surgery is through elbow braces. Specifically targeting the vulnerable joint, the brace will alleviate any pressure or stress from the area. Braces will also help you avoid overextending the joint. You can use a brace as a precautionary measure or as a recovery aid! As you move through recovery, the brace will help you progress faster without as much pain.

One of the most common causes of elbow pain is tennis elbow. We offer a special brace for patients suffering from tennis elbow that acts as a counterforce. What happens within the joint causing tennis elbow is the damage of the tissue due to over extension. Adding the counterforce keeps the elbow from overextending reducing the damage and managing some of the pain. The best way to use a brace is to reduce activity until the pain recedes and keep the brace on as much as you can excluding showers and sleeping.

Whether you’ve been referred to us by a physician or you’re coming to us on your own for help, we want to find you solutions and relief. We will help you find braces that work for you, and we will recommend any additional therapies that we think might benefit you. Contact us today to get started!

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