Wrist pain can be caused by several different conditions or injuries. Since it is involved in the mundane yet detailed activities of day to day life, it is important that you keep your wrists in good condition! For example, typing seems very easy and low-effort, but the wrist controls all the little tiny movements that allow you to hit the buttons of your keyboard in an organized fashion.

For some of our patients suffering from pain in that joint, we do sometimes recommend wrist braces to help stabilize and restrict painful or damaging movement. Although braces aren’t always a cure-all, they can certainly help in the recovery process!

This being said, we don’t recommend that you wear a brace all day every day. Doing so can cause the muscles and bones to become extremely stiff. Similar to a cast, a brace can be useful, but also come with their own problems. They can cause more pain and actually prevent recovery progress. You want your joint to remain flexible and ready for exercises!

If you’re looking for a combination of therapy and brace treatment, we can help you find the brace that will be the most beneficial to you in your recovery. We will also help you determine what therapies will help you manage pain and move forward from your injury or wrist damage.

We carry many different types of braces at Physio Health, but the main recommendation we give to anyone with wrist pain is to avoid the aggravating activities as much as possible. Putting down whatever hobby is causing the pain for a few months to heal is a much wiser decision than causing more damage by persevering through the pain! We want to help you get back to your normal activities, so give us a call to set up an appointment!

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