As the saying goes, a good foundation makes for a great building! Applying that to the human body, we should consider the foundation that we stand on namely our feet. We don’t realize it, but they bear the brunt of a lot of stress. Just an average person standing is a lot of weight and pressure!

For a lot of us, we stand and walk quite frequently during the day. Although we don’t always consider the consequence of being on our feet in generic shoes, problems can arise if we don’t take care of supporting ourselves from the ground up!

Back problems, posture issues, and pain in the legs and joints can all be a result of uncomfortable footwear that is not made for the patient’s foot. Generic foot ware is made for the average person’s foot. Some brands take extra care to create healthy foot ware, but it is uncommon. Especially people with foot conditions like bunions or out of the ordinary arches need extra support and comfort as they carry on with their day to day lives.

We can help you find the comfort and the support you need to be confident and pain-free on your feet. Orthotics are inserts that go into your shoes to support the arch of the foot and provide comfort. The orthotics can also relieve pressure from the knees and back helping to manage pain in those areas as well.

When you come in for your first appointment, we will get to know your struggles and take a look at your feet. We will then start designing custom inserts that specifically target your problem areas. With some tweaking here and there, we know we can help you find relief! By making each pair of inserts individually for each patient, we make sure that we are able to make being on your feet a much more enjoyable experience!

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