Since the knee is such a vulnerable joint due to its daily use and high stress positioning, it can incur a lot of injury and pain. As one of the most common reasons that people come to see us, knees give people a lot of problems. They are very vulnerable, so everyone especially athletes need to take care to protect them. Custom knee braces are a great way to do that. They can help reduce the risk of injury and alleviate the discomfort of any prior damage.

At Physio Health, we provide custom braces built specifically for individual patients. Using reputable suppliers, we provide patients with knee braces tailored to their needs and physical activity levels. From post-operative recovery to ligament stabilization, knee braces can be a patients’ best friend. Although you can reinjure your knee while wearing the brace, it often helps prevent seemingly minor injuries that are quite painful and debilitating.

Athletes are notorious for not protecting their knees, and they do eventually pay for it. Thus, more and more coaches and trainers are having their teams invest in precautionary measures like custom knee braces. Physio Health can help you get one that will be perfect for your sport and your needs.

Once you receive your knee brace, you should wear it whenever you are participating in athletic or load-bearing exercises. The only way that a knee brace can help you is if you wear it! If you have extended health care, chances are that your plan will cover most if not all of the cost of the brace. Please contact your insurance for specifics!

Knee braces can help you stay active, avoid injuries, and manage pain. Working with the professionals at our office to make sure that your brace fits your knee and your lifestyle will help you find joy and excitement for years to come. Contact us today to set up your first appointment!

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