Physio Health is fully registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board which means that we can help you deal with the recovery or pain from any work-related injuries. Joint injuries, tendonitis, muscle tares, sprains, breaks, and head injuries are among our most frequently treated injuries, but we work with many more unique cases as well!

To have your workplace injury covered, you will need to notify your workplace as soon as possible and fill out the necessary paperwork for a claim. Then you can set up an appointment with your family care doctor or walk-in clinic. You will be able to have your first appointment with us even if you haven’t seen your physician yet but be sure to do that soon as we cannot proceed without you seeing them!

Once you start seeing us, we handle all the insurance and WSIB communication for you. We make sure your employer knows when you will be back in shape for work, and we will even keep in contact with your medical doctor if you so choose. Being injured and not being able to work is a hassle on its own. We know how stressful recovery can be, and we want to do our best to help you deal with this event in the smoothest way possible.

Besides helping you handle the business side of the injury, we can help you handle the actual recovery side as well. We want you to be able to work again, but we want you to be able to do it safely. Through different types of therapies and exercises, we will help you build yourself back up to where you were before so that you can continue working at the best of your abilities! Our therapists will guide you through recovery and strengthening so that you can go back to work healthy and happy!

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