Working through pain can be extremely difficult, but shock wave therapy allows you to recover smoothly without any pain killers. Used in physio-therapies of all kinds, shock wave therapy uses a device that sends acoustic waves through the tissue to stimulate regeneration and natural repairing of the bones and muscles.Why do we use it?

The therapy uses acoustic waves sent out by an instrument specifically designed to create the perfect frequency for physical healing. The acoustic waves travel through the body send high energy peaks through the tissue that stimulates it to repair itself. Thus, it can help lower inflammation and reduce pain. It also encourages cell growth and promotes healthy mobility!

Shock wave therapy is suitable for almost any injury as it doesn’t require a lot of extreme movement or participation by the patient. Once we have our initial consultation and determine that shock wave therapy is the best course of action for you, we will get you started. The first step is to locate the areas that need to be targeted. We then apply the gel to the skin and initiate the procedure! The only participation you have is lying still on the table while the therapist works on you! You don’t even have to take pain killers after.

Shock wave therapy works for a medley of different patient types. From calcium buildups to sports injury recovery, shock wave therapy is a great option. The technology is still new, but it is incredibly effective. Since we are sending literal shock-waves through the tissue of the body, some discomfort is to be expected. We make sure that all of our patients are fully aware of this before heading into the therapy. The discomfort is very bearable, though! The only extra precaution we ask of you is that you will need to refrain from too much exertion. For a typical injury, you’ll need 3-10 treatments. Schedule your first appointment today!

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