One of the most common reasons that people come to us for help is their post-surgery rehabilitation. After even a minor surgery, muscles and mobility can be inhibited. Especially if the patient has been in a cast as part of the recovery process, the muscles and bones can become incredibly stiff and hard to move. It is a completely necessary part of the process, but it comes with its own challenges and problems as well. The human body is an amazing thing as it can relearn and rehabilitate itself, but sometimes it needs a helping hand.

That’s what we want to be for you. Getting you out of that cast or off of bed rest is definitely a victory, but the work doesn’t stop there. Encouraging you to work those muscles and bones in the right way after surgery can be crucial to the success of the procedure and a full return of capabilities. This being said, giving your body the rest and relaxation needed to heal is also vital. Thus, our team of professionals knows your procedure and gives you just the right amount of work and rest to make a full recovery.

The first step is the initial appointment. During this first visit, you will have a consultation with a physiotherapist and decide on a suitable treatment plan. We will then schedule your following appointments. As registered providers, we are able to be in direct contact with your doctors and insurance if you so choose.

Our treatment plans are tailored to every patient, so the therapies recommended for one client may not be the same ones recommended for another client. Plans can include aquatic therapy, massage therapy, traditional physiotherapy and much more. We encourage you to keep an open mind and celebrate the small victories as we work together towards recovery.

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