Physio Health hosts a lovely and highly skilled team of massage therapists that will help you release tension and overcome pain! Through different techniques that pinpoint different issues and parts of the body, we are able to target your specific problems and help you find relaxation. Additionally, all of our therapists are registered providers, and we can send your bills directly to your insurance at your request, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We offer Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massages, Swedish Massages, and Sports Massages. Here are some of the benefits of each. After our initial consultation, we will make a recommendation as to which type or combination will help you the most!

Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger Point is known to relieve tight areas deep below the surface of the body. Trigger points themselves are places that cause pain to other portions of the body simply by being too tight or stressed. Typically associated with tension and chronic pain, this type of therapy can help relax the lower muscles and manage the discomfort associated with those issues.

Deep Tissue:

The main purpose of deep tissue is to lengthen the muscles, so they are looser and lese tense. By targeting chronic pain and overly used muscles, we are able to provide some release for the patients. Although deep tissue massages can be painful in the moment, they are incredibly helpful and completely safe a week after your injury.

Swedish Massage:

Different from Trigger Point and Deep Tissue, Swedish Massages are typically lighter pressure and more relaxing. By encouraging circulation and lymph movement, we are able to relieve stress off the muscles and manage chronic pain.

Sports Massage:

The goal of the Sports Massage is to reduce recovery time and improve flexibility to maximize performance. Thus, we work to relax and improve the patient with every visit.

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