Concussions are a result of trauma or impact to the head. Any forceful blow can cause nerves in the brain to bruise and cause the brain to swell. This can result in serious effects if not treated properly. Typically, with the right amount of rest and treatment, patients are able to recover smoothly. If not taken care of, concussions can turn into major issues that have lasting effects on the patient, so it is important to seek treatment right away.

The most common causes of concussions are sports injuries and falls. We tend to see a lot of football players and other athletes since they have the highest rate of contact. Here are some signs that you might have a concussion:

If you have any of these symptoms after a head injury, don’t panic. Concussions are serious injuries, and you do need to find treatment as soon as possible, but typically, catching the signs early enough and seeking help right away are good signs that you are well on your way to recovery!

The most important part of recovery is proper rest. Although you should not go to sleep immediately after receiving a concussion, you will need to take the next few days and even weeks to slow down and relax as your brain recovers. Some simple tips are to stay away from screens and other visually stimulating or straining activities like reading. Avoid intense exercise or any overly physical activities as well. These precautions may seem frivolous, but they should be taken very seriously as the brain, though, resilient, is delicate as well!

With a combination of rest and other recommended treatment plans based on computer based testing, we will help you create a path to full recovery and make sure you don’t over exert yourself along the way!

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