Aquatic therapy is a combination of several different types of physiotherapy in a different setting. Instead of doing the exercises and therapies in the office, we do them in the water! Our office has a lovely swimming pool that we keep at a comfortable temperature all year round. It is always clean and ready for patients!

By working in a calm pool, we relieve a lot of the pressure from the joints. The exercises are typically easier as the water allows the body to float a little bit. This option is perfect for elderly patients who aren’t as flexible or comfortable on their feet. The water eliminates the fall risk and allows easier mobility. Our therapists are always with our patients in the water regardless of their mobility range.

The water also provides more relaxation to the patient. We keep our water at a comfortable temperature so that our patients can perform their relaxing exercises at any time of the year. Working in the water takes stress of the joints, reduces swelling, and creates a calmer environment. Additionally, the temperature of the water can relax the muscles and allow for an easier session as well. All of these benefits allow the exercises to be more relaxing than taxing regardless of the issue you are trying to alleviate.

One thing to keep in mind with aquatic therapy, though, is that the progress seen in the water will be fractional compared to the progress seen on land. Since the water makes the exercises easier, the gains won’t be as obvious as with land exercises.

There are pros and cons to all of our treatment options, so we make sure to create a plan that gives you the most benefits and the quickest recovery. Make an appointment today!

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