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How To Fix Your Posture And Improve Digestion In Just SECONDS – And Why You Should Never Pull Your Shoulders Back

Nailing good posture, breathing and digestion can be difficult to achieve despite its obvious importance to our health.

But there are simple tricks that can make a difference.

Physiotherapist Beth Thomas, from Adelaide in South Australia, recommends using counts of four to calm and regulate shallow breathing, by inhaling, holding and exhaling for four seconds at a time, and placing one hand on the upper and lower chest to determine where your breaths are coming from.

‘Proper posture is a lot more relaxed than you think – allow your shoulders to relax and release the tension,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.


Migraines, headaches and joint pain can all be caused by poor posture, and Beth says these symptoms are so common because of a general misunderstanding about what proper posture actually looks like.

‘Often we think shoulders pulled back and chin up is best, because it’s what we were told when we were younger, but squeezing your shoulders right back actually increases tension in the neck and upper back,’ she said.

‘Correct posture is more relaxed. You should be sitting tall from the top of your head down through your back, with relaxed shoulders not tensed around the spine.’

Beth shared a simple trick to correct slouching, saying: ‘Wiggle or roll your shoulders, do some neck movements and get your body moving a bit before settling into a more optimal posture.’

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