For some lines of occupation, it is vital that employees be physically able to perform certain tasks. This means that injury recovery needs to be tailored towards getting patients back to performing these tasks. This is what work hardening therapy works towards. We want our patients to be able to resume their normal activities as fast and as safely as possible. Part of this means working specific exercises much harder while remembering to not overwork or overstress.

Specific patients who need work hardening therapies are workers who haven’t regained the full range of ability needed for their occupation through ordinary physiotherapy. Work hardening therapy is more goal oriented. Instead of generally strengthening the muscles and regaining mobility, we work on specific goals that are required.

The programs are customized to each patient, but they are all intense. Hard work is definitely required by these programs if patients are to succeed. Each appointment is designed to create obvious, tangible progress. Thus, we don’t let our patients off easy!

This being said, we always make sure that each patient is comfortable and safe during their appointments. We want you to work hard and make progress, but we want it to be at a safe pace that makes lasting improvements. When you work with us, you get a hard coach that wants the best for you!

Since we are properly registered with both insurance and WSIB, we can be in contact with both your employer and your insurance if you want us to be. As you focus on recovery, we can take some of the other stress off your plate. We can let your employer know how you’re doing in recovery and when to expect you back to work. We can also talk to your insurance to make sure that your appointments are always covered either by them or by your worker’s compensation. We want you to make a full recovery and go back to work as soon as you are ready!

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