The way we control our bodies is through the brain. The brain sends signals and messages to the different parts of the body telling it to perform different tasks. Here at Physio Health, we call the nerve signals our highspeed mailman! In the blink of an eye, he can let your eyes know they need to blink, he can remind your leg to move so it doesn’t fall asleep, and he can move your thumb away from the door that’s closing! Picking up a water bottle or walking across the room don’t seem like difficult tasks until your brain can’t send those messages anymore.

What happens during a stroke is this. A clot blocks off the flow of blood and therefore, oxygen to the brain. Vessels can also burst causing the same effect. This lack of oxygen causes some of the braincells to die. This can result in many different complications the most serious of which is death. Depending on where the clot or breakage happened and how early it was caught, some patients need to relearn very simple tasks. This means that strokes can be a huge blow to someone’s wellbeing and confidence.

One of the incredible qualities of the brain is that it is plastic meaning that it can rewire itself to continue performing its jobs even when the ordinary pathways have been damaged. Sometimes, it needs practice and help to achieve full recovery, though.

That is where we come in! Relearning how to do the easiest of tasks can be frustrating, hard, and unpleasant. We will not only coach you through therapies and exercises, we will be your moral support too. Our professionals are highly skilled, but also highly compassionate. We want our patients to succeed and feel good doing it. Schedule an appointment today!

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