After a surgical procedure done on a bone, you will be in a cast for several weeks. During this time, you should NOT be doing any physiotherapy. You should be resting and allowing the bone to heal. Other surgeries require a rest period as well. We recommend that you keep in contact with your doctor as you go through the healing process waiting for physiotherapy.

Once the cast comes off or you get the okay from your doctor, you can come see us! We have professionals on staff from many different therapy departments, so we can help you regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength. Our treatment plans are similar to what we prescribe for fracture treatments, but for surgery patients, we want to be extra sensitive.

Our treatments aren’t just for fracture and cast patients! Some types of surgeries that aren’t fracture or cast surgeries still require some physiotherapy to recover from. Typically, the bone fracture surgeries are the most common ones that people will need rehab for, but muscle surgeries, ligament surgeries, and other procedures need rest and rehabilitation as well to recover from!

Usually, we recommend six to eight weeks of therapy with us to regain movement and such back. During the time you were in a cast or resting, your muscles can get stiff and since the bone is freshly healed, sometimes it doesn’t have the mobility it once had. We will help you get this back through physiotherapy and other exercises.

As registered providers, we can be in contact with your doctors and insurance if you want us to be. Typically, insurance agencies have a set number of appointments they will cover. We will help you talk with them to determine the best number of appointments for you. Schedule your first visit today!

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