Breast cancer is one of the most trying conditions to have to live through, and a mastectomy can be just as difficult. Your body changes. That can be both emotionally and physically taxing. Going through recovery is its own battle, and we want to help you in any way that we can with it.

Mastectomies can cause several physical recovery problems. Tightness or pain around the surgical site is typical due to the scar tissue. Numbness and nerve sensitivity are also common since the skin and the tissue has been damaged. Axillary web syndrome is another side effect of the surgery that can be painful and discouraging. Radiation itself can cause mobility issues.

Although these side effects are scary, they can be helped through treatments and physiotherapy! We can help you manage the pain, regain mobility, improve sensitivity, and get your strength back. Through different therapies with different professionals, your surgical sites will be treated, and you will regain some of your life back!

A lot of the treatments are physical therapy treatments from manual treatments and stretches to exercises that strengthen the muscles. We want you to work hard towards progress, but we will never stretch you further than you can handle. We want you to feel comfortable and confident the whole time.

We hold so much love and respect for all of our breast cancer recovery patients. What you all go through is so incredibly intense. To come out on the other side and still have to do recovery therapy is a harsh reality, but all of our patients have handled it with such grace and strength. We hope we can help you recover and get back to your life as soon as possible! Schedule an appointment with us today to get started!

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