The human skeleton is very strong and sturdy. It is meant for adventurous activities and it surely can take quite a bit of pressure. This being said, it is not invincible! Enough trauma or stress on a bone can cause it to break or crack. We call these fractures, and they can happen anywhere on the skeleton.

When they happen, the body needs ample time to heal and regrow. The human body is absolutely incredible in its ability to heal and put itself back together. During that healing time, though, the section of the body can grow stiff and weak. When the bone is done healing, the patient needs to strengthen the muscles and regain mobility.

We have many therapies that can help with that! Wherever you have had your fracture, we are prepared to help you overcome it. Since the bones need time to heal, you will need to wait until you have your surgeon and/or doctor’s approval before you come to us. Once you make the initial contact with us, we are able to keep in direct communications with your doctors and insurance if you so choose!

Our professionals will slowly rebuild your mobility and strength as you perform different therapies and exercises that we prescribe. Progress can be fast or slow depending on the patient and the injury. We usually estimate between six and eight weeks for a full recovery. Your insurance should cover a set amount of appointments, so we will work within the time frame given by the insurance as well.

Recovering from a fracture is hard work. You should be prepared to sweat and feel some pain as we make progress, but anything too uncomfortable will mark where we stop. We want you to work hard but be comfortable the entire way!

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