Neck pain is one of the most frequent causes our patients list when they come to see us. Many patients complain of pain from a dull ache throughout the neck and shoulders to shooting pain right into their spines and heads. The causes and symptoms can be very different for each person, though. For some, a recent injury like a car accident has left them sore and stiff. For others, a random burning sensation can start running through their necks and shoulders for no obvious reason at all.

From scoliosis to osteoarthritis, our physiotherapists are highly skilled and experienced in neck pain treatment of all types. We will get to know your injury, help you find the cause of your pain, and work together in creating a treatment plan that will hopefully alleviate and reduce your pain. Our goal is to help you find ways to manage and get rid of the pain.

This being said, our neck pain physiotherapy is incredibly safe. Even if you cannot perform all of the movements, we will take it slow and work step by step to make progress. The only person who is not a suitable candidate would be someone who has had intense trauma to the neck recently. As a very sensitive part of the body, the neck needs to be handled with care so immediately post-op, you need to continue to see your doctor until given the okay to see us.

Since there are very few operations performed for the sole purpose of neck pain, and those operations tend to be more harm than good, physiotherapy is a great way to help recovering and finding solutions to the problem. Anything from a bad pillow to a car accident can cause neck pain, so schedule your first appointment with us to start alleviating the discomfort!

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