Some of the most common injuries we see are the typical sprains and strains of particularly joints and muscles. Ankles, elbows, necks, and knees are the most frequent culprits as they take a lot of stress every day. Especially for people who participate in athletic hobbies or work out frequently, these areas are prime risk spots.

So what is the difference between a sprain and a strain, you might ask? A strain is simply too much pressure on the joint. The pressure pulls something too far and causes it to be painful. A sprain takes that pressure one step further. The pressure actually causes damage to a ligament. In fact, a sprain can actually mean a partially torn ligament! It is easy to see how this can be very painful even though it’s not an official break of the joint. Both sprains and strains can be a huge burden especially for athletes who want to compete and participate!

Here at Physio Health, we want to help you recover smoothly and quickly from any of these annoying and quite painful injuries. Using different combinations of therapies, we will walk you through the recovery process and help you strengthen the injured part of the body.

All of our patients start with us by having a consultation. We go through your injury, your history, and what we think will help you. Once we have created a treatment plan, we get you started right away.

Additionally, we are registered providers, so we can be in direct contact with your insurance if you want us to be. Usually, insurance plans will cover a certain number of appointments, so you’ll need to see what they will help with. Patients usually need between three and ten appointments depending on the injury and the ability of the patient.

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