The lower leg sustains a lot of stress every day. Walking to work, going to the gym, and supporting body weight are all extremely hard tasks that we don’t give our joints credit for. Because of all of this wear and tear, the knee, ankle, and foot are all very vulnerable to pain for a medley of reasons.

All of the daily stress of being a knee, ankle, or foot is reason enough to cause problems. Adding an injury on top of that can be pretty discouraging. Trauma can cause quite a bit of pain if there are tears in the muscles, fractures in the bones, sprains, arthritis, or cartilage damage. When the foot or joint has a prior condition, this just exasperates any issues. For example, bunions and inflammation of the joints are common when patients are experiencing pain in their lower leg joints. These alone can cause pain, but when combined with injuries or other issues, the whole leg can suffer. Even if there isn’t trauma, though, patients can experience high levels of discomfort.

Other prior existing conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Gout, and Osteoarthritis can all problems for these specific joints even if there hasn’t been a specific injury as well. We never want to add additional stress or trauma to a joint unless absolutely necessary. Thus, we believe that surgery should be a last resort. Thus, we work with you to alleviate the pain without putting you under the knife.

We will have a consultation with you where we get to know your injury and pain and then prescribe different treatments according to what we think will benefit you the most. Each patient is different, and we offer many types of physiotherapy with licensed professionals. We will get you started right away, and we are covered by all of the major insurers.

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