When discussing the elbow, there are a few frequent injuries that we see. Tennis elbow, damage to the ligaments and tendons on the outside of the joint, is very painful and can cause some serious problems. The same can be said about golf elbow characterized by damage to the inside of the joint. Nerve compression, arthritis, and injuries can all cause pain as well.

We want to help you move forward through the pain and get you your full mobility back! Instead of icing the joint over and over for prolonged periods of time, start really making progress towards recovery. In fact, we actually recommend that you only ice your elbow injuries for the first 48 hours after the trauma! After that period, you may be hindering your body’s ability to heal by using ice.

Typically, elbow physiotherapy is pretty painless, but the treatments differ between inner and outer elbow injuries. Wrist pain is pretty similar to elbow pain as both of the joints are very sensitive to overuse, sprains, and torn ligaments. The wrist is also vulnerable to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tendonitis, arthritis, and stress injuries can all be helped through physiotherapy as well. Both of these joints are receptive to several types of treatments. If you are having numbness, pain, immobility, or weakness in either of these joints, you should consider physiotherapy.

Surgery is always a last resort for us. Although it can be helpful and absolutely necessary in some cases, heading to an operating table is a type of trauma that the body must sustain and recover from! We never want to add to any trauma, so we tend to stay away from surgery as much as we can. If it is vital to your recovery, we will recommend it, but we will also try much less invasive measures before it gets to that point. We want your body to heal as quickly and as naturally as possible, so we hope that you will consider working with us if you have elbow or wrist pain of any kind!

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